5 Pros of Flatweave Area Rugs

Rugs are sometimes an overlooked element of your home. They’re on the floor in the same place for years, so it’s easy to take them for granted. However, their importance in your home as a defining element of your décor cannot be denied.

Several types of rugs comprise of thousands of small knots made with the rug fibers on the cotton foundation with a special loom. Flatweaves don’t include knots; they’re made by combining the vertical foundation with the fibers that run horizontally across the rug’s width. This technique is ancient, and many types of traditional rugs are flatweaves, like Kilims and Aubussons.

These types of rugs offer many functional and aesthetic benefits to your home, which makes them popular among homeowners and designers alike.

Here are the top 5 reasons why flatweave rugs can be an excellent addition to your décor.

Scale It Down

Flatweave rugs offer beautiful designs, warmth, and practicality without the fuss of medium or high-pile rugs. They are lighter, easier to clean, and help keep your spaces open and light.

While an Oriental rug can be large, heavy and expensive, the lightness of a flatweave makes it easier for you to move it, clean it, and even replace it. Their cost allows you to have more than one rug and even change them with the seasons.

Keep It Cool

Their lightness also helps you control the room’s temperature by insulating a room with it. Decorate your space with a flatweave’s soft textures and colors, and also reduce your utility costs by adding an element to keep temperatures mild all year long.

Find The Perfect Rug For Your Budget

In many cases, a rug is an investment. Even inexpensive, modern rugs may add up significant costs to your decorating budget, and bargains might be misleading. Everybody loves a good deal, but you might end up getting what you paid for.

However, high-quality flatweave rugs often cost less than other types of rugs, which is good news for homeowners on a budget.

Made To Last

An entry hall is not the place for an antique silk rug. Flat weave rugs are an excellent choice for pet owners and parents of young children. These rugs are less fragile, which means they resist common dangers better: they resist heavy traffic and are easier to remove and clean. This helps you clean the rug faster if there’s a spill or stain before it dries, and it also means fewer trips to the cleaner.

Keep Allergies Under Control

If you or your family keep having recurring allergies that don’t seem to go away on their own, consider replacing your rugs.

Pile-woven rugs, if cared for improperly, are a breeding ground for allergens. Their thicker fibers and shedding traps dust, pollen and other allergens, which can contribute to generating or worsening allergies in your family.

Luckily, flat weave rugs trap less dust and can be cleaned easily, which means fewer allergens and irritants inside your home.

Flat weave rugs offer many solutions to everyday home problems. They bring the same warmth, textures, and visual interest to a room as other types of rugs for a lower price; they can help insulate a room and prevent allergies. Consider buying one of these rugs and experiment with all the visual and practical benefits they bring into your home.